How to choose the wattage of lamps?
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  1. The living room occupies a large proportion of the total area of the house. It is an area where family members are frequently active, and it is also a place to entertain relatives and friends, so it must be transparent and bright. Therefore, the wattage of the lamp can be higher, the wattage of the living room lamps should be 60 to 150 watts, and the color temperature should be controlled at about 4000~5000K. Bright, clean and generous.If the living room area is between 20 and 30 square meters, use lamps with 60 to 80 watts; the light is mild and not dazzling.

  2. The bedroom requires soft light, not harmful to the eyes, not dazzling, the wattage is preferably low, 13 to 50 watts, and the color temperature is controlled at 3000~4000K. Children and the elderly can adapt, soft and warm to increase the atmosphere.Bedrooms of 10 to 15 square meters are recommended to use 25 to 38 watt lamps; it can have a warmer atmosphere and a sense of space.

  3. The kitchen should choose lamps with sufficient brightness without leaving dark areas. The wattage of lamps can be calculated according to 2.5 to 3 watts per square meter, and the color temperature should be controlled at about 3000~4000K. . For kitchens of 5 to 10 square meters, it is recommended to use 8 to 20 watts of LED lights, which are bright and bright

  4. The wattage of the bathroom lamps also needs to choose brighter lamps. You can set two buttons, one with a cool color and one with a warm color. The wattage of cool colors does not need to be very high to prevent eye damage when getting up late; 8 to 25 watts is very good, and the recommended color temperature of the light is 4000~4500K. full brightness.

5. The wattage of lamps on the balcony can be smaller, and energy saving can be given priority. 4 to 8 watts is very good, which can meet all daily needs.


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