How to maintain lamps and prolong their service life?
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  1. Correct installation of lamps

Correct installation is the premise to prolong the service life of lamps. Wrong installation can easily cause the light source to burn, burst or even drop the whole lamp. What's more, the current lamps and lanterns use glass, ceramics, jade and other materials in pursuit of beauty, which can be said to be quite dangerous once dropped.

  2. Do not switch frequently

At the moment when the lamp is started, the current through the filament will be greater than the current during normal operation, causing the temperature of the filament to rise sharply. When the light source is working, the internal heat dissipation is uneven and the temperature is high, which will shorten the life of the lamp. Keep the lamps in normal operation, and turn off the lamps when people walk away, so that the lamps can save electricity and have a long-term effect.

  3. Disassemble and clean up to restore the original state

When dismantling and cleaning, the structure of the lamp must not be changed. It should be restored according to the instructions. Do not install the missing parts by mistake.

Many people install it by themselves without reading the manual, but in the end they find that there are more or missing parts.

Wrong installation will lead to short circuit, burnout, etc., so you should refer to the manual or hire a professional installer when installing.

 4. the aging lamps should be replaced as soon as possible

The ends of the lamps and lanterns of lamps that have been used for a long time will turn red or have black shadows. At this time, they should be replaced in time. The purpose is to prevent unsafe phenomena such as ballast burnout.

Generally speaking, when purchasing a light source, it will be marked with a clear usage time, so regular replacement of the light source and maintenance of the lamps are extremely critical.

Finally, add a reminder that you must turn off the light and let it cool for a period of time before cleaning, so as to avoid burns due to excessive temperature.

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